Bestial and Indelible Act That Requires Enormous Power in 1988

To give birth is to give life, a bestial and indelible act that requires enormous physical and mental effort in 1988 Soman Noori , a 26-year-old Afghan.

Has proven to have the strength of a titan this Saturday by giving birth to her daughter on the evacuation flight from her country, from which she fled after the Taliban devastated cities and towns.

Japan reinforces its fourth state of emergency before the advance of the Delta variant According to Russia, the United States is abandoning a “large quantity of weapons” in Afghanistan.

After several days of anguish at the airport, Soman Noori managed to get on a plane to leave Afghanistan behind. All the passengers were collaborators from the United Kingdom.

Later, he got on another plane of the Turkish airlines that made the journey from Dubai to the English city of Birmingham . On this plane, the young Afghan woman began to feel strong contractions, a sign that labor had begun.

The pain was intense and it was impossible to wait for the plane to land. Soman Noori, who was traveling with her husband and two older children , gave birth to her daughter between seats.

With the help of the crew. Despite the lack of medical assistance and distress, both the baby and her mother are doing well. Two champions.

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