Vanessa Guzmán Will Be A Grandmother At 45

Vanessa Guzmán has been talking lately due to her spectacular physical change, since from an actress in soap operas she became a bodybuilder. However, this time she revealed that she will also be a grandmother.

José Rodríguez, the artist’s 22-year-old son , was the one who made the news known through his Instagram account. In the shared image, he can be seen hugging his partner and taking her by the belly while they both smile. It was also added that it is a girl. Despite this information, Vanessa has not yet issued an opinion on the matter.

The relationship between the artist and her son is known to have a close relationship. Just last June 30, Guzmán made a post on Instagram to congratulate José on his birthday and added that he was one of the most important people in his life.

“22 years ago life gave me a treasure, which I take care of and preserve as one of the two most beautiful I have ever had… You are worthy of admiration, my son, I am so proud of all your achievements. We have overcome so many moments together through thick and thin with our “moon” always as a witness, “he wrote at the time.

He also elaborated on the fact that he hoped it would beThe Argentine assured that now there is a good relationship between the two, because later the actress apologized and confessed that at that time she did not enjoy good emotional health because she had just become a mother, the bodybuilder threw a hint through their social networks in response.

“While people are still stuck in the past, I keep moving forward and we go for more !! From the past I am left with only the memory in life of my two great loves, my father and my brother, “he wrote at the bottom of a photograph he published on his Instagram profile.

“The torment of others today is my pedestal !! Focusing on the present and preparing for the goals that lie ahead !! Life has taught me that stagnating and living in the past is not an option , so GIVE IT and with everything! ”, Ended his mysterious message.

And it is that although it was not directed to any person, but it was posted the same day that René’s interview became controversial and Internet users assumed that it could be his response to the accusations that the actor made and those that Cynthia made in the past Klitbo and Violeta Isfel. a very important year for him and full of good things.

“ Much to celebrate this year and I know that EVERYTHING will be for the good in your life, thank you for such a beautiful gift. I know your uncle and grandfather from heaven celebrate by your side. I love you with all my soul… thank you for always being there for me and your brother, ”he wrote.

It should be remembered that, despite the fact that the telenovela Dare to dream was on broadcast for more than 10 years and achieved great success, recently Vanessa Guzmán was immersed in a media discussion about how little René Strickler enjoyed working together with her , because the Former beauty queen decided to answer the accusations that her co-star made against her.

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