Irene Is Sincere After Her Break In ‘First Dates’

Irene had no problem showing herself as she is during her visit to the ‘First dates’ restaurant. This 26-year-old veterinary assistant did not beat around the bush when she told Carlos Sobera a chapter from her sentimental past: ” When my boyfriend left me I thought I was going to die, until I met my new best friend, the Satisfyer, because with that I don’t need anything else. ”

” The world is going to end in 2050 and we are all going to die ‘burned’. I think this has already happened, that the world has evolved to these levels and that we have exploited it in such a way that it will explode and we will start again,” he said Irene, also describing herself as “a very normal person today”: “Sometimes I am very happy when I wake up and other times, I don’t know why, I am very sad.”

Later, Irene learned that she would meet Víctor, a 30-year-old waste manager, who entered the restaurant in Cuatro’s space declaring that bald men will always be in fashion : “There will be times when there are toupees or something else, but a bald man or a shaved man it’ll still be there. And if you have a beard, which is what he’s wearing now, the better . ”

“When I entered I realized that Irene was making a strange gesture, I don’t know what he meant …” , assured Victor after having the first contact with Irene, who confirmed the boy’s words: “I am a person very expressive and when I have seen him I have noticed that I did not like it at all ” .

The truth is that this feeling of Irene changed as the appointment progressed, since she revealed to Victor what she thought about him as soon as she arrived at the restaurant: “Since I was a young girl I have liked bald men like Pitbull or Vin Diesel, yes Well it is true that the first impression was not good because I was expecting a super machado four-door “.

Finally, the connection that they demonstrated throughout the evening was decisive in ‘The final decision’, since the two wanted to have a second date outside the ‘First Dates’ restaurant.

” At first I didn’t like him at all, but I did have another date with him because he seemed like a very cool person and something has attracted me. I want to know more about him, ” said Victor.


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