US Intercepts Five Rockets Fired At Kabul Airport

As the United States rushes to complete its evacuations on the penultimate day of troops in Afghanistan , the airfield was hit by several rockets on Monday . The projectiles, which have left no casualties , were launched from the back of a vehicle during the early hours of Monday morning in the Lab-e-Jar area, in the north of the city.

Neighbors in the vicinity of the airfield said they heard the activation sound of the missile defense system and saw shrapnel falling from the sky, indicating that at least one rocket was intercepted. According to US sources, the US missile defenses intercepted up to five rockets that were fired at the airport.

Although the White House has confirmed the attack, it has assured that the evacuation has continued without interruption.”Several rockets were fired at the Kabul airport, most of which landed in unoccupied areas and caused no casualties.

So far we have no reports of victims, ” Taliban spokesman Bilal Karimi also told Efe. “We are investigating the rocket attacks to determine who and why they were carried out,” he insisted.

US President Joe Biden , who set this Tuesday, August 31, as the deadline to withdraw his forces from Afghanistan and complete two decades of military operation , has addressed his troops due to the ongoing security crisis in the capital. Afghan. “The president … reconfirmed the order that commanders redouble their efforts to do whatever is necessary to protect our forces on the ground,” the White House said in a statement.

The new attack takes place after the city suffered two explosions this Sunday that left at least six dead, one caused by the attack of a US drone against a vehicle in which alleged members of the Islamic State were traveling and another by the impact of a rocket against a house.

The two occurred near the airport and come at a time of maximum tension after the US warned of “credible threats” against the airfield, where the troops are concentrated.

The United States Central Command has reported that it is investigating reports of civilian casualties from the drone strike. “We know that there were substantial and powerful subsequent explosions as a result of the destruction of the vehicle, indicating a large amount of explosive material inside that may have caused additional casualties,” he said.

US troops are now focused on getting diplomats out of the country and on their own. However, since the evacuation operation began , the exit plan has managed to remove from the country more than 114,000 people considered at risk among diplomats, soldiers, journalists or collaborators.

Despite all efforts by Western powers to evacuate as many people as possible, tens of thousands of desperate Afghans face being left behind . “We try all the options because our lives are in danger, ” lamented a woman outside the airport.

“They (the Americans or foreign powers) must show us a way to save ourselves. We must leave Afghanistan or they must provide us with a safe place ,” he asked.There are several countries that have regretted having to leave a large part of their workers on the ground since the last two days had been reserved by the US to finish removing their personnel. That is why there are countries that have submitted last minute requests to get more people out of the country.

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