Floods In Sagunt And Canet When The Storm Discharged More Than 180 l / m2 At Dawn

A great waterspout has fallen this past dawn on Sagunt . According to the mayor, Darío Moreno, the town has suffered an episode of “torrential rains” that have left “more than 180 l / m2” in a very short time.

The most affected areas, he has detailed on social networks, are the Port de Sagunt and l’Almardà. At 9.30 am, the entrances and exits of the town by the N-340 remained cut off as a result of the rainfall.

Since the early hours of the morning, the emergency services carry out rescues in vehicles and drain houses. This morning, requests for drainage have multiplied in the most affected areas of Sagunt and Canet, where at least two streets and the promenade were also cut off by the

Access to Sagunt from Puçol was also closed for the same reason.From early in the morning, both the Local Police of Sagunt, as well as the town hall, firefighters, 112 and different local entities collaborate in a special device aimed at trying to restore normalcy in the capital of Camp de Morvedre, especially in Port de Sagunt and l’Almardà.

The State Meteorological Agency has also highlighted today what happened at dawn on the coast of Camp de Morvedre, although in its case it speaks of more than 100 l / m2. According to Aemet , the area where the rain has been especially focused has been between Sagunt, Canet and Port de Sagunt.

specifically, this last point is where more water has fallen according to the radars.Faced with this situation, the mayor of Sagunt has asked through social networks to act with the utmost caution and avoid travel whenever possible.

The water has discharged with great force since four in the morning and the storm has lasted for at least four hours. The latest estimates made by Avamet even speak of more than 200 l / m2.

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