Google Plans To Cut The Salary Of Employees Who Telecommute

In March of last year, as a consequence of the high incidence of covid and the total confinement decreed by the Pedro Sánchez Government, many companies were forced to make it easier for their employees to work at home . Teleworking is here to stay: a year and a half later there are still people who decide to telework .

Now Google workers from the New York headquarters – located in the same place as before the pandemic – could suffer reductions in their salary if they decide to work from home permanently. In addition, this salary reduction would be affected according to the place of residence of its workers.

In other words, the further they live from the headquarters, the more their salary will be affected. In June, Google launched the Work Location Tool , a tool for its employees to calculate their salary if they decide to telecommute.

According to the Reuters news agency, which has had access to screenshots of this calculator, Google will reduce the salaries of employees who choose to telecommute . It is an experiment that is being carried out in Silicon Valley and that could be extended to other companies.

Screenshots of Google’s internal salary calculator accessed by Reuters show that an employee living in Stamford , Connecticut, an hour from the city by train, would see her salary reduced by 15% if she worked from her home home.

As long as a worker who resides in New York and decides to telecommute, her salary will not be affected . These catches have also shown differences of 5% and 10% in other areas such as Seattle, Boston and San Francisco .

A Google employee who moves to the office from Seattle could see their salary reduced by 10% if they work from home, according to the Work Location Tool .Other companies, such as Facebook and Twitter , also cut the pay of their workers who have moved to less expensive areas.

The company has spoken out about it and has ensured that it will not change the salary of any employee for teleworking, but that it is a question of location in relation to the standard of living in the city where the employee lives.

“Employees working in the New York City office will be paid the same as those working remotely from another New York City location,” a Google spokesperson stressed.


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