70% of the Spanish population Got Evacuated From Afghanistan

With a vaccination rate close to 70% of the Spanish population, the month of September is seen as the end of telework as the dominant figure, but without abandoning it altogether. In the US, the spread of the Delta variant has led large companies to delay their return to office until January.

In Spain, most of the large companies had already begun a gradual return to the office before the summer and, in general, flexible plans have been designed that combine different degrees of face-to-face and teleworking in view of the great return of vacations. from September 1.

In the electricity sector, until now about half of the workforce has been kept in modality, 20% go to the office occasionally, depending on the needs and the remaining 30% (considered essential since the outbreak of the pandemic ) works in the facilities in person. The design that Endesa will adopt from now on is pending the evolution of the disease, to guarantee the highest levels of safety, according to company sources.

The return of summer is not going to mean a big change for the oil company, which already in 2008 introduced different modalities of teleworking and flexibility of the working day. After the confinement.

The workers began to return to the offices in May of last year progressively until reaching a limit of 50% of the biological capacity of the facilities (the one that takes into account the recommended safety distance) and this limit is gone to keep for the moment. The teams are rotating.

As of September 1, a hybrid work model based on flexibility will be launched, which generally establishes 40% of remote work and 60% face-to-face. According to the entity, it will be a new phase of a model that is not definitive and that will continue to be adapted according to the needs and health data.

To undertake this experience, the bank has set up a space management app and capacity limits to manage the workstation areas (using a ‘host desking’ model, of ‘hot desks’ usable by different employees) or the reservations of parking, meeting rooms, etc.

Once all the exceptional measures due to the pandemic have been completed, company employees will have the option of teleworking two days a week as long as their activity allows it. The group with teleworkable activities reaches more than 10,000 professionals at Spain.

The universal and voluntary nature of the model also incorporates the possibility of reversibility by any of the parties, with justified reasons.

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