Joan Tardà: “Junts is absolutely in tow of ERC”

Joan Tardà (Cornellà de Llobregat, 1953) enjoys the freedom of being a former leader and former deputy. That is, he lacks hairs on the tongue to express what he thinks about his party (ERC), about independence, dialogue or the future Barcelona airport. He does it with a direct verb and from an unequivocal leftist position with which he represents a sector of the Republican militancy.

It was clear that we would immediately regret not having fulfilled ERC’s will for a broad front. If a Government had been achieved with Junts, the CUP and En Comú Podem, the path would be flatter. That will be a hindrance because a Government with four legs can face challenges more easily and be more ambitious.

It must be a goal. If not governmentally, yes at the parliamentary level. Such a Government would be in a better position to face a frank and constructive dialogue with the PSC. It is something that I have reproached Jéssica Albiach [leader of the ‘comuns’]

‘All the evils that you can say about JxCat, with which I can agree, Pablo Iglesias had said ten times about the PSOE’. Pablo’s political intelligence made him understand that it was important to experience a coalition government to drag the PSOE to minimally social democratic positions.

Why was this tactic good in Madrid and not in Catalonia? If now there were ‘consellers’ from En Comú Podem, from the CUP and ERC, the role of Junts would be less. Indeed, and we would have a ‘minister’ of Education of En Comú Podem, and of the environment of the CUP. What I most reproach these two forces is that they do not understand that the priority is to shift the center of gravity of the Government to the left.

Totally. We are awaiting a debate in the ERC national council. The vast majority of the militancy is against the project presented by Aena. And I believe that the demonstration on September 19 will be a success.

In any conflict resolution there are three phases: dialogue, negotiation and agreements. Now we are in the phase of conquering the dialogue. And it is better to start well than to start early. The great democratic victory is for the two parties to accept that everything has to be talked about and on an equal footing.

That not only everything is susceptible to dialogue, but also studied. It is our great possibility. And what is evident is that neither JxCat nor the Government will help.



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