Galicia Will Wait To Know Definitive Data Of The Course For Teaching Reinforcements

Rodríguez asks "not to mix debates" and links the announcements of other Autonomous Communities to an attempt to get closer to the Galician ratio and total presence

The Xunta continues without clarifying the teaching reinforcement for this new course. The Minister of Culture, Education and Universities, Román Rodríguez, reiterated this Thursday that Galicia will have the necessary teachers to guarantee compliance with the health framework for covid-19 , but that his department will wait to know the final numbers of the course to make a decision about.

The regional minister has spoken about it on the occasion of a visit to the Vigo Conservatory of Music, the day after the sectoral conference with his counterparts in the rest of the autonomous communities and with the minister of the branch, Pilar Alegría, in which the situation and the measures for this new academic year were addressed.

After territories such as Madrid or Valencia confirmed the hiring or maintenance of reinforcement personnel for this course and before the claims of the unions in this same sense, Rodríguez recalled that Galicia already said “at the time” that it was going to hire ” to all those teachers who are necessary to comply with the health mandates “, but without providing specific figures.

The Minister of Education urged, in any case, “not to mix debates” or different frameworks on this issue. Specifically, it has defended that Galicia, in contrast to other communities that now reinforce teachers, already achieved last year “full presence in all compulsory education” and “in almost one hundred percent of FP”, in the same way that aw ranks (together with Extremadura) as one of those with the “best teacher-student ratio” in the entire State.

“We are very happy that other communities are reinforcing their workforce to meet ratios similar to those we have in Galicia,” he stressed, to remember that one thing is the staff needed to meet the needs caused by the pandemic and another is the union claims on the structure of the system itself, with its quotas and catalogs.

“Galicia will have the necessary teachers to comply with the health mandates and continue to be what it is: the autonomous community with the best teacher-student ratio,” Rodríguez insisted.

Back to normal
At this time, he added, in primary “there will be no changes” except “some case” in which adjustments have been made “due to demographics”, arguing that this year 4,000 fewer students enter these teachings compared to the previous year.

Secondary, meanwhile, will experience a reduction in interpersonal distance from 1.5 to 1.2 meters , which will have its “transfer to the teaching staff.” In any case, Rodríguez did not provide specific data, but urged us to wait to know “how the final course is left” and the enrollment figures after the September exams.

The councilor has also referred to the fact that the catalog of measures discussed with the Ministry and the rest of the communities “will make it possible to recover daily life in the centers” and move towards a “stronger and stronger normality.”

A reality that he considers necessary, since last year many centers were forced to use libraries and other spaces to “have full presence” in the face of current restrictions and protocols.

It has also advanced that it will convene the Galician School Council next week to inform the different representatives of the educational community of the design of sanitary measures that will be in force during this new academic year, which will be practically “the same framework scenario” ratified by the committee clinic in early June.

In the same way, on September 6, the course will start in the Galician university system , which will celebrate its opening ceremony on Friday 4 at the University of Coruña, according to Román Rodríguez.

In this regard, he recalled the joint work between the academic institutions and the Department itself to design the general framework for the new course, which will bet on face-to-face, the 1.2-meter safety distance and with contingency plans with different scenarios in case outbreaks and problems.

This scenario “has already been ratified” by the competent bodies of the University of Vigo and its counterpart in A Coruña and is pending at the University of Compostela.

In this sense, Rodríguez has called for “the greatest possible normality” within the “maximum precaution”, for which he has asked for a “very strong involvement” of the rector and deanship teams.

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