At least 13 dead and 50 injured in two explosions near Kabul airport

The Taliban promised that their return to power would mean a return to normalcy, but in Afghanistan that means terror.

Thursday, when thousands of people crowded at the airport in Kabul trying to flee to the desperate of the country, there have been two strong explosions that have caused at the least 13 dead and 50 wounded , as explained to Reuters Taliban sources.

Shortly after, the Pentagon confirmed that the casualties included both Americans and Afghan civilians, including minors. An emergency hospital in the Afghan capital has reported receiving up to 30 people with injuries.

while six others died on the way to the center. Defense sources confirm that there are no casualties or injuries among the Spanish military deployed at the Kabul airport, reports Juan José Fernández.

The detonations have been located near one of the airport gates and in the vicinity of the Hotel Baron, where the British register the requests of Afghans who want to take refuge in the United Kingdom.

The BBC has also reported a shooting in the same area. “We need to ensure that the current instability cannot lead to a resurgence of terrorism,” said the President of the European Council, Charles Michel , in a premonitory warning.

Although no group has claimed the deadly explosion, military sources in the United States have pointed out that it could be several suicide attacks with bombs. A few hours earlier, Washington and the allies had warned of the “very, very credible” threat of an “imminent” terrorist attack and had asked the citizens of the country to avoid the airfield. Desperation has led most to not follow instructions.

“People do not want to move, their determination to leave this country is such that they are not even afraid to die,” an Afghan civil aviation official told Reuters.

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