Allied forces warned of the threat of an imminent terrorist attack

The main suspicions point to the militants of the Islamic State Province of Khorasan . The Afghan branch of the jihadist group was founded in 2015 but, unlike what happened in Syria and Iraq , it had never been able to consolidate its position in the country due to the presence of the Taliban.

The western retreat can become an opportunity for terrorists to fill that void with a wave of attacks. “We wouldn’t be saying this if we weren’t really concerned about offering the Islamic State a simply unimaginable target,” British Defense Minister James Heappey said in his warning .

The conquest of Kabul by the Taliban triggered an agonizing countdown: the jihadists allowed until August 31 for the allied forces to evacuate their personnel and leave the country. The military withdrawal from Washington has led to a chaotic situation , leading thousands of Afghans to approach the airport in an attempt to seek a better life away from the new fundamentalist regime. The images of citizens getting on the wings of the plane and falling from them in flight went around the world.

On Tuesday, the Taliban spokesman, Zabihulá Mujahid , assured that the deadline agreed with Washington would not be extended and prohibited Afghans from accessing the airport.

Leaving the country was reserved only for foreign powers, which in recent hours have rushed to withdraw all their personnel from Afghanistan due to the evident deterioration. Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Canada and the Netherlands have closed the evacuation this Thursday, while France has ensured that it will end the maneuvers on Friday, something that Spain could also do.

In the 11 days that they have been evacuating people, the allied troops have managed to get around 88,000 people out of the country . However, they leave behind thousands of Afghans who, as French President Emmanuel Macron confessed on Thursday , “we cannot protect.” “No one expected such a brutal and rapid situation in Kabul,” he added. For many of them, Afghanistan will become a prison .

In recent weeks the Taliban have promised that their return to power will not imply a medieval return to the country , that they will respect the rights of women and the country’s religious minorities and that they will not act with a thirst for revenge .

They have even given press conferences to explain that they will guarantee the freedom of the media . But all that can be a mirage. And it is that this Thursday a reporter and a cameraman from the Tolo news channel were attacked by the Taliban “at gunpoint” in the middle of the street in Kabul while they were carrying out a report.

The UN denounced on Tuesday having received credible reports documenting human rights violations, including executions of the military and civilians or the prohibition of women from going to school, a measure that the Taliban said would be “temporary.” As the countdown to western evacuation tightens, Afghanistan looms into the abyss of a new dark era of repression .

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